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This mindset among many business owners that a website is nothing more than a digital brochure is wasting their money.

Many business owners believe their websites are nothing more than digital brochures. This idea is confirmed by the fact that they rarely update their websites, they allocate minimal budget to it in the beginning, and they emphasize design over everything else. To them, it’s just an online brochure to setup and forget.

To many, their website is just something to have because their competition has one and so they set it up and forget about it. On the contrary, a business website is capable of much more than just being an Internet brochure.

Here are three things a business website can and should be doing for your business:

  1. It should be your lead generating digital sales person.
    If you’re a service-based business, generating qualified leads should be the primary goal of your business website. A website designed to convert can be on of your greatest tools, and it’s working 24/7/365.
  2. It should be the best first or second impression of you.
    We know first impressions set the stage. Your website is supposed to make a positive impression on your potential customers. A good site can highlight your professionalism and make a small company appear larger.
  3. It should help save you time by automating repetitive tasks.
    Apart from generating qualified leads while you’re asleep, your website can cut down some of those redundant tasks. Do you ask your customers to fill out forms in person? You could have your site handle this giving your customer the convenience of applying from anywhere while saving your staff time in re-entering the data into your system. There are so many things a website can take on.

So with all the capabilities of a website, is your website working hard for your business?

  • Is it taking on some of those repetitive tasks?
  • Is it making a positive impression?
  • Is it turning those visitors into qualified leads?

If the answer is “No” to any other above questions, your current website is a waste of money. Think about your initial web development cost and annual costs to keep it online. All that money every year, but little to know return? That isn’t good. If your website isn’t doing it’s best for your business, it’s time to reconsider your Internet marketing strategy.

All that money every year, but little to know return? That isn’t good. If your website isn’t bringing a return, it’s time to reconsider your Internet marketing strategy.

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Published: updated on 07/05/2017.
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