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If you want a website that will help your business grow, you’re in the right place. Keep reading, this will only take 2 minutes.

What’s up, my name is Neal Chester, and I’m a website marketing consultant who believes in research and strategy before execution.

I’ve been a web professional since 2003. Within that time, I’ve noticed a particular knowledge gap between small businesses and website marketing and because of this, I continue to see them make the same mistakes.

It’s either they spend too much money, or too less. They put SEO (search engine optimization) over CRO (conversion rate optimization) or design over copywriting. They’re making very little money as a result, and they’re not getting any qualified leads from their websites.

They’re frustrated with do-it-yourself website solutions. They’ve been ripped off by web professionals, and their websites have been hacked. I want to fix all that.

Start Web Smart helps businesses start a website on a strong foundation and avoid the many pitfalls and frustrations of website marketing today. The end goal is to save you money and time while building a successful web presence.

This website is for

  1. Anyone about to start a new website.
  2. Current website owners who want to grow their site.
  3. Web professionals who want to be more efficient in their field.

Here’s what you get

You’ll get free articles and audio talks designed to help you:

  • Get insight into how your visitors think.
  • Successfully manage, deploy, and control your website.
  • Avoid the many mistakes first-time website owners make.
  • Guide your webmaster to develop sites that meet your goals.
  • Apply principles that will help your website sell instead of fail.
  • Bonus: confidently use the technology surrounding your site.

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